Interested in Becoming an Alliance Provider?

About CUNA Strategic Services

CUNA Strategic Services is designed to be a catalyst of cooperation between Credit Union National Association, leagues and credit unions. We develop strategic alliance relationships to offer quality products and services to credit unions that contribute to their bottom line, add to their peace of mind, and enhance member relationships. The company is jointly owned by Credit Union National Association and the state leagues.

More than an endorsement

We champion credit union ideals by building and managing a portfolio of strategic business alliances. A strategic alliance goes beyond a traditional endorsement. Our alliance providers deliver superior products and services for an outstanding value. We to position credit unions to compete more effectively by offering strategic alliance relationships that provide the best overall value for quality products and services at prices less than what a credit union could receive without these relationships.

Our business model

We accomplish our mission by managing a proactive Request for Proposal (RFP) process to identify products, services and providers that credit unions need. As part of our RFP process, we evaluate each possible provider based on the following key criteria:

  • The relationship must satisfy a strategic need and add high value to credit unions, their members or affiliates within the credit union system.
  • CUNA Strategic Services will conduct an appropriate due diligence investigation of any potential strategic alliance relationship – its management, financial soundness, business plan, reputation, and its products and services. The due diligence investigation will also focus on the corporate culture of each company to ensure that it is compatible with that of CUNA and credit unions.
  • The business plan for each strategic alliance relationship must meet CUNA Strategic Services' financial objectives.

If you would like to be considered for a strategic alliance relationship with CUNA Strategic Services, please complete the Inquiry Questionnaire.

Contact information and completed questionnaires are kept on file. In the event that we have an interest in exploring a relationship, a CUNA Strategic Services representative will contact you to determine your interest in participating in our RFP process.

Contact us at [email protected].

Advertising, exhibiting and sponsorships

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