Products and Services Offered Through This Provider

Overdraft Privilege, Contract Optimization and Recruitment Services

Who is John M. Floyd & Associates?

JMFA offers consulting services and proven strategies to help credit unions generate new income, reduce expenses and create loyal, satisfied members. Over the past 35 years, JMFA has worked with thousands of financial institutions across the nation, improving their performance and profitability. Their consistent, exemplary results have made JMFA one of the most trusted names in the industry. We began our alliance with JMFA in 2003. 

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

  • Save 10% off retail through the CUNA Strategic Services program*
  • Improve income, better manage expenses, streamline your organization and make the most of human capital
  • Reach goals faster with proven strategies that save time and money, minimize regulatory scrutiny and identify revenue opportunities
  • Onsite, expert training and follow-up
  • Ongoing success monitoring to ensure results

Why this provider over another?

JMFA’s comprehensive approach sets them apart.  JMFA consultants are with you from start to finish, tracking and monitoring results to ensure you reach your goals.  Their consultants have the experience of working with credit unions of every size and to improve their bottom line.  

Every engagement starts with an in-depth analysis of your credit union and your goals.  From there JMFA creates a customized proposal of programs and services to get you where you need to be based on their insight gained from thousands of successful consulting projects and the latest industry best practices.     

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, call JMFA at 800-809-2307. For information about the alliance with JMFA and CUNA Strategic Services, contact Jenny Jackson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4102 or [email protected].

More Information about JMFA Products and Solutions


This fully disclosed, fully communicated overdraft solution, provides a financial safety net for members, and a much-needed revenue source for your credit union. JMFA OVERDRAFT PRIVILEGE® has resulted in sustainable increases in credit union clients’ non-interest income. Benefits include best practices gained through customized installations, a 100% written compliance guarantee for all state and federal regulations, and providing members with a valuable service so they do not need to go elsewhere for their needs. 

JMFA is a pioneer of automated, socially responsible overdraft privilege programs. They provide recommendations for disclosure, notification, account holder education materials and procedural changes that have been reviewed by state and federal examiners without criticism or negative remarks. JMFA offers a superior product and best-in-class service that exceeds regulatory requirements, improves income, and strengthens member relationships.

JMFA ODP Compliance and Performance Review SM
This service ensures your current overdraft program is 100% compliant with the latest regulations, consumer friendly, and helps you recapture lost revenue by evaluating your policies and procedures, training, technology, and program performance.


JMFA Contract Optimizer
Contract renegotiations can mean big savings, with an expert by your side. JMFA Contract Optimizer offers a free, expert analysis of your current contracts to uncover savings opportunities and improve service levels. It’s fast, easy, risk-free and has a 98% success rate in helping credit unions improve their bottom line without reducing services or increasing fees.


The success of your credit union ultimately comes down to the people you hire. From senior management to contract positions, JMFA will help you find top talent. JMFA's experience, industry insight, and recruitment strategies work to consistently connect the best people with the right organizations. Whether you are looking to replace a leader due to retirement or need to add specialized talent, JMFA will work quickly to deliver the results you need. You'll save time, money and resources when you partner with JMFA for your recruitment needs.

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