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Security Solutions for Cash Protection and Open & Close Procedure Solutions through Tracking, Tracing, or SaaS App technology to protect ATMs, Cash Drawers and Vaults.

Who is 3SI Security Systems?

3SI Security Systems offers Cash Protection and Open & Close Procedure Solutions to combat crime through Tracking, Tracing, or SaaS App technology. Break the crime cycle and create a #SaferWorld with solutions that recover stolen assets, apprehend criminals, and deliver peace of mind.

3SI’s enhanced 4XG devices operate from an elite technological platform incorporating 4G/LTE technology using both GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) and WiFi for superior location accuracy and maximum precision. 3SI’s full suite of solutions boast a success rate of +70%, recovering over $100 Million assets and leading to the arrest of thousands of criminals. With over 45 years of experience, our services protect more than 250,000 locations worldwide, and we actively combat crime through innovative solutions.

The 3SI name stands for Security, Safety, Service and Innovation. #SaferWorld..

How do credit unions benefit from this strategic alliance?

3SI Security Systems and CUNA Strategic Services have partnered since 1988, offering effective security solutions developed with proven technology at a discount to credit unions.

  • 3SI protects more than just cash assets. Members and employees are also protected because 3SI’s products prevent robbers from striking again.
  • 3SI SaaS App technology helps produce significant cost savings… keeping staff safe limits liability, and increased efficiency will bolster the bottom line.
  • Credit Unions save 10% on SecurityPac and 5% on GPS Tracking through the CUNA Strategic Services program.

Why this provider over another?

3SI’s mission is to protect society through dependable security strategies backed by superior solutions, services, and technology:

  • 45+ years of experience in security
  • Innovative solutions that combat crime
  • Complete product training for tellers and staff
  • Ongoing training and support available 24/7/365
  • Teller incentive program
  • Performance or money back guarantee

Ready to get started?

  • For more information, contact Jenny Jackson, CUNA Strategic Services alliance manager, at 800-356-9655, ext. 4102 or [email protected].

More Information about 3SI Security Systems Products and Solutions

3SI’s Cash Protection and Open & Close Procedure Solution’s include:

  • ATM Tracker™ | Protects the ATM and Cash against attack. Tracks the stolen machine for police to pinpoint the location for capture and recovery.
  • Cash Tracker™ | Protects cash from robbery and theft. Cash drawers are a quick and easy target for criminals. Cash Tracker automatically notifies law enforcement while it silently tracks the criminals, allowing police to lock on the target, move in for the arrest, and recover the cash.
  • Vault Tracker™ | Protects large amounts of cash from robberies and burglaries. When a theft occurs, police are automatically notified of the crime as Vault Tracker silently tracks the criminals.
  • SecurityPac® | Protects cash in teller drawers from robberies.
  • SecuriDab® LT | Protects cash in ATMs and cash machines with ink-staining technology. If an attack occurs, SecuriDab LT will automatically detect and confirm the attack, then stain the cash in the cassette, rendering it worthless to the criminal.
  • SafeResource® | Mobile application manages the challenges of branch transformation, cuts costs and increases staff safety & efficiency. SafeResource is the all-in-one powerful solution you need to navigate safety, compliance, staffing, training and audit control. This multi-departmental solution cross-functions to support Security, Risk, HR, Legal, and Operations.
  • Visit 3si.com for more information!

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